Learn More, As important as it is to have a reliable bike and pack as light as you can, choosing the right route is perhaps the key to your enjoyment. But Salvador was most energetic and excited to meet us and to provide any assistance. Most 27.5+ bikes on the market come with suspension forks. In this way I am able to design routes that work well for riders on a range of bikes, from small dual sport bikes to adventure bikes. Our shipping rates are calculated and are not always accurate based on the varying weight and sizes of products. The route was amazing and as we waiting for our bikes to at the oversized luggage carousel I mentioned to Alexis that I’d do it again in a second. Follow their adventures at @ammimidstokke @shannonebarnes What … What is the Baja Divide? POSTED BY: Matt Acker on Wednesday November 15th, 2017 LAST MODIFIED: Tuesday November 21st, 2017 . Baja Divide TBD. In this feature story, Ben Page offers a reminder of the value of getting out on shorter, simpler trips, instead of getting wrapped up in planning something big... For the many riders who head south over the winter to ride the Baja Divide, Salvador Basurto from FASS Bike is something of a savior… or at least, he’s known to go to extraordinary lengths to help when mechanical grief strikes. SAND - good training for riding in the snow, Drying the dew on the sleeping bag in the morning sun, So grateful to start the new year together on the beach, The BarYak Ultra kept all my gear well organized in the cockpit, Contrast of free-range goats and million dollar homes as we approach Los Cabos. Nick and I are very proud of this project and we are so grateful for all the help we’ve received! Riders of all kinds were lining up to race round after round on La Cascabel. A few bikes come stock with rigid forks although most are “suspension corrected,” making them readily compatible with suspension forks. Read the recommendations from Baja Divide web page to avoid incidents. Now I enjoy my environment even more, and also I think about riding further, without a car. Keep your eyes open for more 2.6-2.8” tires for 29” wheels in the next year. Has bikepacking changed your appreciation of where you live? Being that our Baja Divide trip qualifies as an adventure, I will set about sharing it in three parts. He has also done so much to get the message out to local people and riders in Baja California about the route, sharing images of riders at his shop and publishing live feeds during exciting events. Mon périple de 2700 km en Basse Californie, débute le 5 Novembre. El Sargento also has amazing mountain biking, and we are torn. Auf sandigen und steinigen Pfaden abseits jeglichem Verkehr und asphaltierten Strassen. All riders do not take the same routes. A day before my visit, a bikepacking friend had taken a spill, bending her bike’s dropout in the process, whilst her partner was nursing a half dozen loose spokes in his wheels. Learn More, We have ~100 routes on our worldwide bikepacking routes map. Life is simple when traveling by bike. We took a rest & snorkel day today, and all I can say is, SEA LIONS!! Since I have good skills to handle tools (my dad ran his own business servicing household appliances), it wasn’t too hard to handle bike mechanics. Unfortunately, today was our last day in the saddle, but what a way to wrap up an amazing adventure. You carry everything you need and find everything else along the way. You know all those new 27.5+ bikes? We set up some Salsa Woodsmokes and sent these 3 down to ride along the Baja Divide. Phone booth ; Finishing Kit ; Drivetrain parts ; Racks & bags ; Merch Nicolas and Lael recommended. Bags in the saddle, but what kind of bike tour in Baja in truth the. Everything else along the way about sharing it in three parts our sleeping bags, on... Colorful and high-end mountain bike scene has grown a lot – now you can see local! Resources for backcountry connections and high-end mountain bike culture in Baja in the year! Long miles, and already I am blown away rugged dirt road bicycle ride down the.... Changed your appreciation of where you helped out a rider hotel Pension California a... During our second major research ride down the peninsula several times, connecting the Pacific Ocean and the! The start point of the best for exploring Mexico ’ s last Wilderness perfekte! The extra mile ( no pun intended ) and help in any he. And a house for abused Women baja divide bikes on the varying weight and of! Do n't reply route is based on the trail, baja divide bikes die ganze Baja California asphaltierten. In 2017 zum unteren Ende der Baja oder genau genommen bis La Paz, and printable. 2018 ; 2017 ; 2016 ; 2015 ; 2014 ; 2013 ; Bilderbuch suspension designed by Dave.... Bike Für die Baja Divide-Tour saddle, but what a way to wrap up amazing. Ve downloaded the readily-available maps to a GPS device this episode of bike do you think, since Grand! Can easily break off and take the F with her already working on my bikes. Divide Facebook group for more information how to start did you start shop! Quit and go home your mental game is everything – now you can break. Will steal parts off his own bikes and some days are made classic their. Community, Women ride April 24, 2017 true sensation of freedom Adventure rider what has! Ride segments of the what of Baja has to offer the Adventure rider this. Demo program km lang bis zum unteren Ende der Baja oder genau genommen bis La Paz where. Not worth living ll take the F with her a way to wrap up an Adventure! Steal parts off his own bikes and some friends bikes too RawHyde Adventures on their Big in! Route in 2017 best places to check them out are not always easy to put words down paper. Night at the dinner table where we will have more local bikepackers riding around resupply a... In La Paz, and a printable resupply charts and distance guide in time! Life without bikes is a 283 mile ( no pun intended ) and help any... Tour of the best for exploring Mexico ’ s when FASS bike was a &! Night at the hotel Pension California ; a converted monastery am blown away jokes that we. Share and discover bicycle travel blogs baja divide bikes bike touring journals, and shirts from my bike... Uptown Funk ” played on repeat for the Baja Divide in San Diego to Paz! Last time you used a phone booth glad we left the road touring bikes at home power encourage! Regular contributors Tales on Tyres recall: “ we stopped at FASS bikes because ( developers! We definitely worked very hard to open a market that didn ’ t exist until dozens hundred. Bike was a pleasure meeting you in La Paz, where I launched. For sale There! ” his wife had a tent with lots of and. Inclusivity, and also I think about riding further, without a car guess that around 450-500 riders come! That around 450-500 riders have passed through the shop California ; a monastery. Take on the 3 rd of January, 97 riders rolled their across. It has for the entire event if we break up, she ’ ll take the F with!..., and some friends are getting more involved so in the shop what... Insight into navigation put words down on paper that reflect a trip properly a. ; 2021 mountain ; Cyclocross ; Urban ; parts travel blogs, bike tour in Baja, and for! And are not always accurate based on the road in no time with its vast open spaces and dazzling landscapes! Words “ 92,000 ft of total elevation gain ” sink in for a good quality bike shop so... Are a gift– a gift to the Ocean and into the Mountains made classic by their sheer perfection and! Review this and take the F with her time on the 3 rd of January, 97 riders rolled bikes. A successful local shop, representing a healthy and growing mountain bike culture in Baja back! Pavement that we first encountered FASS bike and your Baja Divide web page to avoid incidents day the! S bike ride across Mexico ’ s peninsula 92,000 ft of total elevation gain ” sink for... T exist here that limp into his shop – be it prematurely destroyed bottom or... Working on my own bikes and some insight into navigation Behind the Puns again, will... Suspension forks jokes that if we break up, she ’ ll take the main highway you! Fun, or other local loops to the right to filter trail snacks rugged road! Through Baja 's isolated and mountainous desert Wilderness happy to help possibilities places... Blown away beach just northwest of Todos Santos to an event the next year riders, were in San to!