Current Version 5.2 For Game Version 1.1.15 Adds: - Cheat Traits Giving All Sorts of Bonuses For Custom Empires - Unlocked Minor Faction Citizens Traits: Now start with more than one minor Faction - Removed Custom trait and Population Point Limits Make A Request if you want a particular feature added! Custom Factions allow the player to design a Faction with its own Traits, Affinity, and Backstory. Archived. Cookies help us deliver our services and provide personalised experiences. Go to the Endless Space data directory: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Endless Space\EndlessSpace_Data, Back-up sharedassests17.assests (better: go to the official forums and read the new modding guide...make the adjustments within a mod), Open sharedassests17.assests with Notepad++, Search in sharedassests17.assests for